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About the designer

Sonia Hupfeld-Cousineau is a budding designer and current Graphic Design student at North Carolina State University. As a self-proclaimed “jack-of-most-trades”, Sonia enjoys getting her hands dirty in any creative area she can. That being said, her focus lies in the marriage of communication between graphics and type and using this to educate, inform, and make the world a more beautiful place. Sonia also enjoys expanding her culinary skill set, shameless Netflix bingeing and daydreaming of acquiring the superpower of flight (or teleportation) and traveling to distant lands.
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Creating an effective, unique strategy and system to identify and differentiate clients from others.

Design Thinking

Utilizing specific methodology to create solutions for complex problems, to explore possibilities of what could be, and creating desirable and beneficial outcomes.

User Experience

Focusing on the deisgn and optimization of a product or space for effective and enjoyable use; pairing these with complementary interface, interactivity and presentation design solutions.